How much will it cost?

It is not possible to predict the final cost of cleanup and restoration till we’ve evaluated the damage. We will provide a free estimate detailing all the costs before beginning work.

How long will it take?

Regrettably, we cannot predict how long it will take to wash up and restore your property until we’ve assessed the damage. We will explain how long the procedure will take before beginning work.

How does the process work?

After you call us, we’ll evaluate the damage and supply a free quote. Should you approve, sign our contract and we will start work right away. We’ll keep you informed during the process and therefore are available to answer questions at any time. If necessary, we could work directly with your insurance company. When the job is completed, we’ll review our work to make certain you are satisfied.

Will I want to vacate my property?

Whether you choose to remain in your property depends mostly on your personal preference. Be mindful that there could be strong odors, loud noises from construction or equipment, or disruptions to utility services. We’ll clarify in advance if you’re unable to stay in your property.

Will you use my insurance?

We will explain the whole insurance process before starting work. If you don’t file a claim or the damage is not insured, we will expect you to cover the entire balance as outlined in the conditions of our contract.


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