What To Do If Your Water Heater Is Leaking

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water heater leaking

I know about water heater leaks since I am had my fair share of issues with water heaters. I want you to make a checklist for keeping your water heater, also I will share some ideas for figuring out what is going on in the event that you suspect a leak.

Checking the Heater

The very first thing you have to do is check on the water heater frequently. I know that my water heater is at an inconvenient location to test on, however I check on it weekly. If your water heater is in an inconvenient place, you need to make yourself go check on it. Assessing on the water heater could be the difference between thousands in repairs and a couple hundred to fix a leak.

What Should You See Water?

The very first time I noticed water round my water heater I thought it was water that splashed in the car as I drove it to the garage. At the time, the water heater was in the garage. A few of days later, I believed that the water might have been condensation from the freezer that was a few feet off. A week later, we had been on vacation along with also the water heater sprung a leak that flooded the doorway.

I strongly advise that you check to find out if there are wet spots on the tank. Condensation forms on the tank because of its temperature. A leak drips straight onto the ground.

Turn Off The Water Heater

Whenever I see water around the water heater, I turn off the water valve to be sure I don’t have a leak. When the water valve is turned away, the leak will last because the water inside the tank has nowhere else to go. I prefer to wipe off the tank using a cloth to make sure that it’s dry. After the tank is dry, I make sure that you check for more water. Again, the leaks will trickle on the ground, but condensation will appear randomly and bead to the tank.

You can shut off the ability for your water heater to perform the process above, but you must be sure to wipe the tank off. After the tank is dry, you are able to shut off the electricity and check for further heating or leaks. For what it is worth, I do exactly the process one time a week simply to make sure that the heater operates properly.

Where’s The Leak Coming From?

I have not found a leak since the water heater debacle in our own garage, but I would call a professional plumber the moment I discovered a leak. If it had been me, I’d get a plumber out to the house as quickly as possible. If you’re having water damage in Austin, TX, contact Restoration Brothers Austin 24/7!

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